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Tipton Gun Vise

Gun Vise: Tipton Gun Vise

Manufacturer: Tipton (Battenfeld Technologies)

Tipton Gun Vise

The Tipton Gun Vise provides support for cleaning, gunsmithing, and gun maintenance. All contact points are padded to prevent damaging wood, synthetic or metal surfaces.

Features a unique quick-cam action to lock down the stock and molded-in compartments for cleaning supplies and small parts. This vise features a convenient slot for your cleaning rod, two holes for large bottles of cleaning solvent, two small holes for smaller bottles, two shallow dished holes for small parts and a large cut out for the rifle bolt.

Tipton Gun Vise Features:

Rubberized cradle and jaws

Quick-release cam action

Molded-in compartments

Made from solvent-resistant polymers

Dimensions: 28″ L x 7-1/2″ W

This Tipton Gun Vise is not to be used as a shooting rest.