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KTECH Designs Multi-Vise

Gun Vise: Multi-Vise

Manufacturer: KTECH Designs

KTECH Multi-Vise

KTECH Multi-Vise

KTECH Designs Multi-Vise is a multi-purpose engineered vise that works with all crossbows, compound bows, rifles, shotguns, AR style rifles, or any firearm or handgun.

KTECH Designs Multi-Vise Features:

  • Patent Pending hands free automatic ball socket
  • Change Vice Head Position without un-clamping crossbow, vertical bow or gun
  • 360 Degree Rotation with Locking Angle
  • Jaws open to over 3″ with non-marring surfaces on all sides
  • Optimized Angle and Vice Positions for work holding
  • Easy Bench or Counter top mounting with “C” clamp or Bolts
  • Stainless Steel and Aluminum Construction
  • Hard Anodize Coating
  • 100 % Designed, Engineered, Manufactured in the USA